5 Applications To Enhance Your Learning Experience

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Right from the invention of android operating system in mobile phones, the use of mobile phones has become more fun and flexible to use than in the past.

So many tasks that could never have been thought possible in the past two decades are now made possible through mobile phones in a way that nearly every mobile phone users, computer savvy or not can now relate their social and business lives with the mobile phone with ease.

This wouldn’t have been made possible without the help of android mobile and its numerous applications.

In early research in United Kingdom, the population of smart phones users suppers by student suppers the number of users by the working class. Out of all 50% of the entire population of United Kingdom that is presumed to be using smart phones, 30% percent of them are student.

And out of all the student that are seen to have a smart phones, it will be very hard for you to spot half of the population of the said student having an application that will really direct to helping their learning career.

Though there are so many reasons that could warrant this and some of them are: most student are not aware of such applications and secondly, most student don’t know how to get the applications

But whichever the case might be, this article is here to help showcase some application that will be useful for you as a student

Merriam Webster dictionary

Do you remember those days when you have to go to the English class with that brick of a book called dictionary? All thanks to Merriam Webster dictionary, you won’t have to think of having an additional weight to your school bag when having English class anymore, with this android application on your mobile phones, you can easily access those difficult vocabularies on your smart phone with ease and be on top of your class. But there’s one amazing part of this application that I’ll like you to know and that’s, not only did the application come for free, it also has an avenue for you to use a voice search to get the difficult word out with their meaning


This application happens to be one of the most popular android applications in the android market and also one of the most applications that is well used both by student and non student. The application allows you to have freedom of jolting down note of whatever is been said by your lecturer or friends and picture of remarkable event that could be of benefit to you directly on your mobile phone, and as if that is not enough, the application also make provision for you to have an online users account where all your jolted note in note, picture and sound can be synchronize online, making it easier for you to have a backup of whatever you have on it.

Math Formulary 

Have always have difficulties with your math assignment? Are you part of those we say “I hate mathematics” here is a way to  you can make things work with your mathematics assignment, have a away to download the “math formulary” on your smart phone and you are one step from complaining on how much you hate to solve math. This application has over 50 math formula to help make mathematics easier for you to solve. With this application on your mobile phone you can easily take a glance on your phone to remember any of the formula that you might have forgotten in the process of solving a math assignment or when trying to remember one.


This is an application that does the job of the familiar Wikipedia. The application answers to any question from any field in a well explanatory manner. It is just like checking through the encyclopedia for idea. With this application on your mobile phone you can turn yourself to a genius and answer all question that come your way in a very easy to understand manner. The amazing part of this application is that it’s free.

Grammar guide 

There are some of us with a beautiful English pronunciation but have difficulties in writing them down, you might even be good at written but having difficulties with the punctuation mark, having the grammar guide application on your mobile phone could be a way to ease the pain and guide in things you might be shy to ask your friends for; the grammar guide application will help in putting you through where you’d to dot your sentence and place comer where necessary

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