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Android has acquired a huge market share since it is launched and its popularity is increasing day by day So it would be a sin to leave the topic and cover everything else.

Its been i long time since I?ve shared any android application on this blog, here I have a very useful app for you people researched by our author Aman Chawla

So?..a file manager

well not just a file manager the app i am going to share with you today is a lot more than that.

Like any other file manager on the google play store this file manager application has most of the features same but some of its features are found in very less products.

at first let us discuss some of its features in brief,

You can share files on a network

You can lock them

You can hide them

You can view the memory usage

And everything else you can do with a File manager application,

My favorite feature is, you take the backup of all the applications you have installed on your device.

Unlike other products which only let you browse, copy, paste or delete stuff ASTRO?s application backup feature a sureshot plus point which gets it in the list of some really great file manager on the google play store.

Screenshot of ASTRO homescreen

All you need to do is just go to the application backup from the first screen

and there you are, just select the application you want to take backup of and there you have it.

Screenshot of the Application Backup Feature

This file manager proves to be very useful when you can only install only a limited number of applications on your device, like whenever you see the space is full and you wanted to install one more game then just take a backup of the previous one, delete the previous app and now you have free space for a new game.
Now if you want to use the older app sometime in future you don?t have to download it again as you already have a backup stored in your mobile phone.

The rest uses depend on your imagination, its all how you use it

That?s a nice App but where can I download it?

simple, either search the google play store for it or click on the link below

ASTRO File Manager On Google Play Store

NOTE: Downloading this application is free but you need to pay for the advertisement free version, if you need to

Hope you like it, and please don?t forget to share with us any other such application you?ve used or you are using.

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