5 People I Would Love To Connect With In a WeChat Group


If you are an Indian blogger I am sure you know about the Indian blogger’s network IndiBlogger

This is the first time I am mentioning them on my blog, for those who don’t know about IndiBlogger

They are a social network, more of a community specifically for Indian blogger and the best part about their company is their super amazing tagline

Indians By Birth, Bloggers By Choice

Naah! Just kidding! These guys are famous among indian bloggers because of the meets they hold everytime, this month also there are two meets, one in Mumbai and other in Bangalore

By the way, If you are also on IndiBlogger add me to your network, here is my profile

Hey Wait! The post is about WeChat not IndiBlogger

Yeah, if you are a fan of Instant Messaging services then chances are you might have heard this name before because WeChat is one of the market leaders in the field of Instant Messaging applications

I also did a bit of research on this company for you people (my readers)

WeChat which was previously known as Weixin(in chinese it means “micro message”) totally justifies the meaning by being such a good brand in the instant messaging field, it is developed by a developer from china named Tencent and this app works on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian

This application has a lot of features too, you can check them out here

The company recently started its promotion campaign in India by targeting the people who use these type of apps the most, The youth

And I don’t think you will be amazed to know that this is the top instant messaging application in the apple app store

Hey, in all that company promotion stuff I forgot to discuss the core topic

If I could connect with 5 people in a WeChat group who would they be and what would I talk about?

The First person I would love to connect with is my Role Model, Steve Jobs

The man who was actually responsible to change the way I used to think about my life and made me dream high, I feel proud to call him my inspiration

If I connect with Jobs I would love to ask him about how he worked to setup Apple and took it to the top, the way he used to design his products was just awesome

I love him for the following quote too..

Most people think design is how it looks, If you dig deeper Design is actually how it works

Only a genius can understand the above quote, feel proud if you are one of them

The Second person I would love to connect with is none other than the father of Indian blogging revolution, Amit Agarwal

I like him because at the time when blogging was totally an unknown phenomenon he was the only one who had that courage and trust in him that he resigned from his job and took up blogging as his career

It is all because of his efforts, hardwork and determination that he is now the most popular blogger in our country (He will remain the most popular one until I beat him in the coming years)

If I have a chat with him on WeChat I would ask him about the problems he faced, what he did to take his blog to the top and how is it that Google Adsense works for him the best way where others are not able to make even a hundred dollars per month from it and he is making millions

The third person I would love to connect with is Mr. B.R. Ambedkar

I am more inclined towards blogging and the tech field but it doesn’t mean that I am not aware about what is happening in my country and I don’t care for it

I do care for my country and that’s the reason I want to connect with him to ask about the constitution he made and one of the biggest problems he ignored while finalizing it

Why didn’t he make some strict laws regarding corruption in government and private institutions, If he would have made some strict laws at that time then now our youth would be busy doing something productive (like blogging) instead on fighting on the streets and there would be no need of me writing this part of the article in order to support the anti-corruption campaign from my side

The Fourth person and the fifth person I would love to connect with would be my great grandfather (my grandfather’s father from the past) and my grandson (from the future, I am just 17 now)

I have discussed both of them together because of my interest in knowing about the future and past what could be better than connecting with a person from the past and a person from the future just to quench my thirst of knowing more about our future and comparing it with the past (it is really interesting)

Hope you like this post,

Well, If you did consider subscribing to WeChat’s YouTube Channel and tell me about it

If you could connect with five or more people in a WeChat group then who would they be and what would you talk about?

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