How To Get Facebook Chatheads Like Notifications For Incoming Calls

You are reading Inside Tech Tricks on your mobile phone and someone calls you

So what happens is that the call takes over your application and until you reject that call you cannot come back to your browser

Not a big deal, right?

Most of you will say, I can reject or answer that call and read on further

NO, that’s not possible and if it is it surely is not a good thing to do as it breaks down your momentum of work

You were reading an article, someone called, you had to answer so you did, after the call you forgot where you were

Don’t you have that feeling.

Honestly, I find it one of the most annoying things, and let me tell you a secret whenever I face any such incident in my day to day life. I curse that person with almost all those abusive words I know 😀

So don’t call me when I am working.

So after all these things let us come back to the point of the day, Today I have found one such application for your android device which can solve out this problem

You remember the Facebook smartphone right?

Though it was not one of the “Hotshot-Super Successful-Attention Grabbing” Phones but still it made some buzz in the I.T. Sector, Moreover I covered the launch of that smartphone on my blog too

Here is the article

 The Facebook Smartphone- Pictures, Specifications and Price

One of the best features of that smartphone is the Facebook chat heads,

The chat heads are those circles with your friend’s picture floating on your screen

Facebook launched it so that you can chat with your friends anytime from any app, as the chat heads float on the screen on a separate layer (not literally :-D)

There is an application on the Google Play Store which has made this chat head thing possible for calls

Whenever someone calls you the call notification comes on your screen like the Facebook chathead and from there you can decide whether you want to pick up the call or continue with your work.

The App is called “CallHeads”

Get This App On Google Play Store


When you have the application, run it

When you run it you will shown a brief intro of the application, how it works and stuff like that.

Select the appearance option and click on “Let me customize this app”.

Now change the appearance and animation of the call heads according to your choice.

There you are, whenever someone calls you you will see a small circle on your screen with the caller name and info in the fashion you set it earlier.

Here are a few images from the App’s Google Play Store Page to give a better idea on how these call heads will look like on your smartphone

You can snooze the call, move it anywhere on your screen or answer the call in the same traditional fashion you used to do it earlier.

Please note that this app shows the call heads only when you are working on any application, if you are on the home screen you will see the same old interface when someone calls you.

So, What do you think about this application?

Did you face any problems while running it on your device?

Do want to share with me your review?

You are welcome in comments

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    Hey Nishant! Really good app, I too hate it when someone calls me when I am reading awesome articles from Inside Tech Tricks 😉

    I’d just like to add a suggestion – It would be really helpful if you added a screenshot of how the chat heads looks when someone calls. You explained so much about chat heads in your post but I am still not getting a clear picture of how my screen will look when somebody will call. The reason being I have never seen Facebook Smartphones.

    Other than that, really helpful article! 😀

      • says

        Yeah… That’s what I was talking about….
        It’s really great to know that you actively read comments on your blog and respond to them. You care about your readers.. Nowadays, such bloggers are a bit hard to find… Keep on the good work 😀


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