How The Use Of Smartphones Is Increasing On Daily Basis [Infographic]

Hey, ITTians. How are you people?

It’s been some time I haven’t posted an infographic, though I love them. :-)

I am always in search of these graphics which I can share with you people and one fine day I was busy with my girlfriend(s) on Facebook and my email Inbox was open in another tab.

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She said, I don’t want to talk to you and I got angry (These girls, I tell you :-D)

In anger I switched tabs and saw, I just received an email.

Earl from was making an infographic and he asked me if I am interested to co-produce the infographic with him.

Guess what I said, YES. Hell Yeah, I love them.

What Nishant, this is not the way you usually write, are you crazy?

My friend sitting beside me has asked me the same question so I think it is the time to switch to the serious mode.

So Smartphones are not a new phenomenon, they are just like those normal phones we had some years back its just that they are more smarter.

Oh! Sorry!! Very smart.

They can do anything except taking a shit.

Today I am going to share an infographic with all of you, made by Earl in association with Inside Tech Tricks. The infographic is all about the increasing use of smartphones and I can bet, you’ll end up with the surprise expression on your Face.

Here it is.


How Use Of Smartphones Is Increasing On Daily Basis


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and Inside Tech Tricks


How’s it?

So do you think, I should keep on working with Earl and keep on sharing these infographics or that’s it, your thirst of knowledge is quenched.

Make sure to share your views in comment, I love to have them.

And you know what! Once I even disconnected my girlfriend’s call just to reply to one of yours comment.

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If you liked the infographic and want to embed it on your site, Here is the code.

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Express coupons) and Inside Tech Tricks


Just go to you Post editor and switch to the HTML mode >> Paste this code at your desired place and you are done.


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    Awesome 😀

    How much did it cost you?

    By co producing do you mean that you collected all the information and got it made?

    Where did you get it made?

    Inbox me on fb :)

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