Top Programming Forums To Kick Trouble Out Of Your Code

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I am a computer science student, and like all others in my class I am an expert in getting into trouble while coding. ūŸ˜€ Like me I am sure you must have also faced problems while coding, whatever language you are working on. Getting into trouble while creating programs is common among coders, even giants [?]

A Collection Of My Favorite Batch Pranks


Today I want to share with you some of my favorite batch pranks and before starting I want you to first go through the basics of Batch programming popularly called CMD Recommended Reading: basic of Batch programming It will help you to get some idea of the source code which I am going to share [?]

Complete List Of Web Apps Developed By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is the first known professional blogger from India and is known as the father of Indian blogging revolution Honestly, he was the one who made me think about blogging seriously and now it is my future career stream and defeating him in his own business is my goal You know, you should always [?]

Why You Should Learn Programming-

Last week one of my friends shared a video on Google plus, And I found it really interesting so here I am sharing this awesome video with all of the Inside Tech Tricks readers.People have a perception in their mind that programmers are stupid, logical people who are stuck with their computers the whole day [?]

Locking A Folder In Windows Using CMD- Tutorial

‚€œeveryone‚€™s privacy matters‚€. Everyone who uses a computer has his/her own private folder or drive where he/she keeps all personal data whether documents, music, videos or anything else. But if your computer goes in wrong hands your privacy is compromised. There are many expensive folder locking and encryption softwares available on the web for purchase [?]

How To Create Your Own Search Engine In 2 Minutes

Creating a search engine like Google sounds to be a really geeky wish but if you also dream to have your own search engine then  i think I can help you. in this post i will share with you 2 out of 3 ways to create your own search engine. This way is not possible [?]