Create Your Own Personalized Web Browser In Two Minutes

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Have you ever thought about having your own web browser? “Dude, I will have to learn to code first.” That’s what I heard when I asked my friends about it. I just received an email from one of my readers, Chris Winston who has created an awesome application that he wants me to check out […]

Find Substitutes For Your Medicines Using These Sites

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We all want to stay healthy, but no matter how hard we try, whatever we do we would have to take medicines if we fall sick. Now when you fall sick there are two things you can do to get rid of the sickness quickly, Take your medicines on time and read Inside Tech Tricks […]

Defencely- Making a Difference in Security Vulnerability Testing

What do Google, Apple, Zynga and PayPal all have in common? They’ve all had major security flaws identified by Defencely – one of the fastest-growing cloud security firms in the world. A relative newcomer to the online world, Defencely has shaken up the traditional roles of security and vulnerability testing to deliver comprehensive security scanning, […]

Some Ways To Backup Your Data

It seems as if just about everything in business and technology these days revolves around the ability to manage and store massive amounts of data online. Think about it: when a new tech product or mobile device is released, one of the first things people want to know is how much memory it has, or […]

Best Online Resources To Solve Maths Problems

Mathematics has always been my weak point; I don’t know how people handle those numbers and remember all those complicated formulae. I hated it earlier but during my Class 10th final exams somehow I developed interest in this subject and since then my math skills are only improving. But there is one thing which hasn’t […]

How Angad Leaked Exam Question Papers in India and That Too Legally

Isn’t the title to this post interesting, I can see that smile and the curious look on your face my dear reader Before I dive into today’s meat let me first make one thing clear, we are not discussing anything illegal here so if you have criminal mind in your head which interprets even the […]

What is a “Domain Hack” and Examples of Domain Hacks

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Domain Hacking First of all what I am going to discuss here is not illegal Just because this term contains the word hacking it doesn’t mean we are going to break into someone’s computer here the word hack or hacking is to considered as a clever trick (purely ethical) The domain names we have today […]

The Internet In A Day [Infographic]

In the year 1969 the US defense forces laid the foundation of Internet, they or even others didn’t even imagine that this small word would be the life of some people years later.The impact internet has had on our society The way internet has changed me The way internet has changed you, can’t be ignored […]

Convert PDF To Powerpoint Online For Free

For all of the advantages that come with the PDF file format, there are definitely some big disadvantages to working with this very convenient, but sometimes frustrating file type. The most obvious shortcoming of a PDF is that it is very hard to edit – at times impossible. Of course, the biggest advantage of the […]

Why You Should Not Use Public DNS Servers

A few weeks backs I published a tutorial on using Google’s public DNS to improve your website loading where we talked about its speed benefits over your ISPs regular DNS server In this post we are going to discuss why you should not use these DNS servers over your ISPs DNS server I am not […]