How The Use Of Smartphones Is Increasing On Daily Basis [Infographic]

Hey, ITTians. How are you people? It’s been some time I haven’t posted an infographic, though I love them. I am always in search of these graphics which I can share with you people and one fine day I was busy with my girlfriend(s) on Facebook and my email Inbox was open in another tab. […]

Smart Phones – The Pivot of all Technology Today

Almost all the recent technological advances are somehow related to the gadget we call a smart phone. This is precisely the reason why it sees an increase in its demand by every passing day. No other piece of technology has every been so scalable and flexible so as to accommodate every happening advance in science. […]

Five Awesome Android and iOS Apps for Job Hunters

With the growing competition in the market, job seekers cannot afford to lose a single opportunity. They have to grab every opportunity that comes their way. Thanks to mobile applications, job hunters can now be alert about vacancies and can apply immediately. But, not all applications are worth downloading as they utilize system resources for […]

Samsung Galaxy Round With First Ever Curved Display

samsung galaxy round

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased flexible display at the CES and said that it will soon make it to Samsung mobile phones. Now they have showcased the first device working on that technology, probably. While the display can be flexible, the applications can be limited because the rest of the hardware is still rigid. They […]

Best Personal Finance And Banking Apps For iOS And Android

Even though a number of people are still somewhat hesitant to manage their finances on their phones because of the possible security issues, most platforms and related apps are more than reliable enough for you to not make use of the convenience that some of these apps offer. Whether you are only interested in managing […]

How To Get Facebook Chatheads Like Notifications For Incoming Calls

You are reading Inside Tech Tricks on your mobile phone and someone calls you So what happens is that the call takes over your application and until you reject that call you cannot come back to your browser Not a big deal, right? Most of you will say, I can reject or answer that call […]

5 People I Would Love To Connect With In a WeChat Group

If you are an Indian blogger I am sure you know about the Indian blogger’s network IndiBlogger This is the first time I am mentioning them on my blog, for those who don’t know about IndiBlogger They are a social network, more of a community specifically for Indian blogger and the best part about their […]

ASTRO File Manager For Android

Android has acquired a huge market share since it is launched and its popularity is increasing day by day So it would be a sin to leave the topic and cover everything else. Its been i long time since I’ve shared any android application on this blog, here I have a very useful app for […]

5 Applications To Enhance Your Learning Experience

Right from the invention of android operating system in mobile phones, the use of mobile phones has become more fun and flexible to use than in the past. So many tasks that could never have been thought possible in the past two decades are now made possible through mobile phones in a way that nearly […]