Smart Phones The Pivot of all Technology Today

Almost all the recent technological advances are somehow related to the gadget we call a smart phone. This is precisely the reason why it sees an increase in its demand by every passing day. No other piece of technology has every been so scalable and flexible so as to accommodate every happening advance in science. []

Exploring The BlackBerry Z30 At 39990 Rupees

Blackberry is a company that is associated with wireless handheld devices and the company has been designing and manufacturing for many years under the name Blackberry Limited. The latest phone from Blackberry, the Z30 priced at Rs.39990, has hit the Indian markets targeting the urban youth. There has been a lot of scrutiny lately regarding []

Best Websites To Send Free SMS Anywhere In India

SMS, you remember it, right? The thing we used to chat with our friends and convey important information before we had whats app or BBM. Usage of SMS has significantly decreased after Instant messengers like whats app become popular because who would love pay those pennies for sending an SMS when you can send those []

Samsung Galaxy Round With First Ever Curved Display

samsung galaxy round

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased flexible display at the CES and said that it will soon make it to Samsung mobile phones. Now they have showcased the first device working on that technology, probably. While the display can be flexible, the applications can be limited because the rest of the hardware is still rigid. They []

Costs of Losing Your Phone: Why Cell Phone Insurance May Make Sense

In a turnaround from their previous position that cell phone insurance wasnt worth the price, The Guardian has now determined that with the high cost of replacing iPhones and other smartphones, the cost of down time, and lost data, insurance is a reasonable investment to protect your cell phone. In this post we are going []

Top 5 Bluetooth Headsets In The Market

Bluetooth headset is the most common gadget for mobile phones today. This headset is very popular because is can really make your life easier. You can drive, shop, walk or just clean your house with them on. At first, people used them just to answer and take calls, but today, you can listen to music, []

5 Applications To Enhance Your Learning Experience

Right from the invention of android operating system in mobile phones, the use of mobile phones has become more fun and flexible to use than in the past. So many tasks that could never have been thought possible in the past two decades are now made possible through mobile phones in a way that nearly []

Update Your Facebook Status Via iPhone 5

Whenever you update your facebook status using any featured device like Apple or Blackberry device facebook displays an Updated Via below your update like you can see  in the image. you can update your Facebook status using iPhone, iPad or Balckberry without having any of it. even iPhone 5 which is not yet launched by []